You make me whole

Nothing’s too hard for you

My heart’s your home

You’re closer than I’ve ever known.

When on my own

I know I’m not alone

You give me hope

When shadows come you light my way.

Trusting you has been hard

I thought I knew better

You gave me eyes to see.

When I sleep

You give me dreams that come alive.


Before they happen in my life

You give me chances

You provide

The way, the way, that I’ll survive.

Heaven is here

You’re building through my being

As I draw near

I see perfection reappear.

Now I know just how far

You have come to change my heart

You gave me ears to hear.

I love you

But I know you loved me first

You give me

Everything that works.

I just wanna know you more

I just wanna know you more.

Show me the way

Show me the next footsteps to take

This ain’t a game

This is a war

On a spiritual plane.

Ready my heart

Give me your strength

Teach me I pray.

The Sweetest Things

After seeing the sweetest, tiny bumblebee rolling around inside a pink flower collecting pollen I was told there was a ladybird nearby which was so beautiful and small.


Walk With Me



Fender.jpgToday we went for a walk.


IMG_0562*shake shake shake*


IMG_0564We met Puss.


IMG_0565I like when we see Puss.




IMG_0567I like plants.


Birds.jpgThis plant is very functional. I like to walk by it.


img_0569-e1519736172687.jpgWhat is this plant?


img_0570.jpgSuch beautiful colours. Contrast. Opposites. Stunning.


IMG_0571We met some daffodils. There is a famous poem about daffodils.


IMG_0574I first saw the cat in the window box.


IMG_0575It was an honour to meet him.


IMG_0576So soft.


IMG_0577This one is adorable.

IMG_0579I liked it’s “meow.” I looked back and saw it peeping out at the entrance.


IMG_0580I wonder if this one was feeling the cold like me.


IMG_0581Budding, blossoms and blooms that perish.


IMG_0582Can you see them?


IMG_0583A miracle in existence.


Even though it was freezing, I loved all that I saw and I especially enjoyed meeting fluffy living things.


Nikki Rose🌹