Sleep Paralysis/Demonic Activity

Three times I have experienced demonic activity during my sleep, two times I woke up terrified, the last time I knew what to do.


I walked away from God and got lost in the esoteric world. I practiced magic and divination, studied the occult and different spiritual religions and became a certified angel card reader but could never bring myself to charge for my readings.

During this time, many doors opened up to me, I met many people who I saw as teachers and guides, one who gave me books to further my studies and develop my spirituality.

As I grew in my knowledge and supposed power I was also becoming more depressed and anxious. The first time I ever felt this way I sought God and he brought me out of it. This time I didn’t even think about him as an option.


I woke up one evening unable to move. My heart was racing and I felt cold. I didn’t know what was happening. I thought in my mind, “If I can just move any part of me or even make a noise to wake up Jon (my boyfriend at the time) then everything will be alright.”

I was able to whimper and my ability to move came back. I was still shook from the experience but I was expecting odd things to happen and took them as part of the spiritual dimensions that I was connecting with and I just wasn’t used to it.

My sadness got so bad not long after this experience, as I continued with all the magic and so on, that I almost took my own life but a thought popped into my mind that said, “You don’t need to die for things to change.”

Thank God he didn’t let me go through with it.


I had moved into a new home with my new baby and boyfriend. It was again very late into the night. I remember part of my dream before I woke up.

I was being pinned down by a dark figure and I was very frightened. I was breathing fast and struggling to move but I felt hands grip my hands and dig nails that felt like claws into them. This dream pain shocked me awake and again I was paralysed. I couldn’t see the figure from my dream but I sensed a heavy, evil presence very close to my face and on top of me. I couldn’t move, my hands were still pinned beside my head and they still hurt from the pain in the dream. There was no whimpering that I could muster. I felt like I was struggling to breathe so this time that became my focus. Eventually I started breathing properly and was able to relax and regained control of my body again.

I started to do a lot of research into other people who have had this experience, things about shadow people, alien encounters and demonic activity. I don’t remember much detail about it except one person did say to call on Jesus. I brushed it off as it wasn’t the explanation I was looking for as I was still more spiritually inclined.


The last time it happened I was in my new home.

Again it was late at night and I only remember the moments in my dream where I saw a black shadowy figure (similar to the dementors in Harry Potter) and it was rushing toward me with great speed.

Just before it could make contact I thought, in my sleep, “Jesus Christ/Yeshua…” and I woke up instantly. There was no fear. I was able to move. In my experience, it was a miracle.

My friend tried to explain it away with scientific studies which were very well written and compelling; I read everything she sent me and looked into it more myself but I’m not convinced. Another person cannot explain away the evil presence I sensed, the fact that I called on Jesus Christ/Yeshua in a dream state, (who I didn’t believe could help me before), and when I did call on him, he terminated the cycle of my terror without me having to think anything else, not even to ask specifically which fits very nicely with the Bible verse,

Matthew 6:8 KJV

[8] Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.


I pray this was a blessing to you.

Repent and obey Yeshua.

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found. Call ye upon him while he is near – Isaiah 55:6

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