Walk With Me



Fender.jpgToday we went for a walk.


IMG_0562*shake shake shake*


IMG_0564We met Puss.


IMG_0565I like when we see Puss.




IMG_0567I like plants.


Birds.jpgThis plant is very functional. I like to walk by it.


img_0569-e1519736172687.jpgWhat is this plant?


img_0570.jpgSuch beautiful colours. Contrast. Opposites. Stunning.


IMG_0571We met some daffodils. There is a famous poem about daffodils.


IMG_0574I first saw the cat in the window box.


IMG_0575It was an honour to meet him.


IMG_0576So soft.


IMG_0577This one is adorable.

IMG_0579I liked it’s “meow.” I looked back and saw it peeping out at the entrance.


IMG_0580I wonder if this one was feeling the cold like me.


IMG_0581Budding, blossoms and blooms that perish.


IMG_0582Can you see them?


IMG_0583A miracle in existence.


Even though it was freezing, I loved all that I saw and I especially enjoyed meeting fluffy living things.


Nikki Rose🌹

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